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Cyclist Danny MacAskill after performing a 16ft (5m) loop-the-loop in front of the London Eye
At one point, Mr Simister was invited to take the controls and performed a loop-the-loop and barrel roll.
Stuntman Steve Truglia drives round the biggest loop-the-loop ever constructed and retired Formula One driver David Coulthard takes part in a vandriving challenge.
Calm day (all works 2003) is a good example: a flash/trash puzzle/pretzel made of crushed Sapporo beer cans joined end to end into a dynamic loop-the-loop, accessorized with a gold chain, and spritzed with Odeur #2 by Commes des Garcons, a bottle of which is, conveniently, attached to the piece.
The ex-Navy Fairey Firefly stalled during a loop-the-loop at the annual Flying Legends show at Duxford, Cambs, and nosedived into a cornfield at 100mph - just years from the M11.
Burum, opportunities to play around with zero-gravity gags and loop-the-loop camera tricks.
Speed features corkscrews, a loop-the-loop and a 100ft drop - and reaches speeds of 60mph.
I just felt so humbled," said Tom, who holds Guinness World Records for being the oldest person to undertake a loop-the-loop and wing walk across the English Channel.
DAREDEVIL senior site engineer Gary Simister proved he is a Top Gun when he performed a loop-the-loop in a fighter jet plane at Anglesey's RAF Valley - where he is helping to build a pounds 20m extension to the facilities.