loop topology

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the topology of a network whose components are serially connected in such a way that the last component is connected to the first component


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The device also features a closed loop topology that maintains high audio quality despite fluctuations in the power supply rail.
Enhancing the back-end FCAL buses of a storage server from a loop topology to a switched topology can significantly improve availability, performance, and even overall system cost.
The replacement of the loop topology currently used to connect storage servers with their disk drives with a switched topology can bring significant gains in performance, availability, and total systemcost.
Fibre Channel standards define multiple topologies including point to point, arbitrated loop and full fabric, but virtually all of the initial and current deployments of the technology use point to point or the loop topology.
With the new FC-AL server connection, up to 192 servers each running one of a wide variety of operating systems can connect to the MAGNITUDE in either a point-to-point or a loop topology.
The Fibre Hub offers the low-cost benefits of the Fibre Channel arbitrated loop topology while simplifying management, expansion and upgrades by centralizing the loop in a single physical location.