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I have seen my fair share of Loony Toons shorts and this seven-minute farce is probably one of the best that I saw.
And if going loony toons is your bag then there's plenty of time for that when your career is up.
Walkers had already struck a licensing deal with Warner for the use of its Loony Toons characters.
The committee have organised their gala day Easter party on Sunday, March 25, from 1pm to 4pm in the Springhill Marble Club, featuring Loony Toons Disco.
There is a charity race night and Loony Toons Disco on Saturday, February 24, in aid of Ashley Pinion; entry costs PS5.
Sporting Index have created two specials with Loony Toons and Cheick Book quoted at 145-165 and 43-48 respectively.
But it's surely even more imperative this week, now the Yanks are voting in the loony toons, that we seek safer alliances.
LOONY TOONS Kevin Keegan's Sky rant in 1996; CAREFUL NOW Fr Ted and Dougal; EMBARRASSING Best on Wogan; WHAT A MUPPET Beckham and Elmo
What passes for a crisis in the rest of the Premiership must feel like normal business for the loony Toons at St James' Park.
To spice up the place, evil chief Swackhammer (voiced by Danny DeVito) orders a new attraction, and what better than those earthbound cartoon Loony Toons better known as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and the rest.