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the basic unit of money in Canada

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Following upon Mundell, the thesis in what follows is that ignoring the international value of the loonie in the framing of Canadian monetary policy, and in particular ignoring the loonie's dramatic swings vis-a-vis the U.
Three, housing (Canadian timber), Detroit vehicle sales (Ontario auto components) and the shale oil boom (Alberta oil and gas) are the catalysts for a US economic renaissance that all suggest loonie strength relative to other commodity currencies not leveraged to the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free.
From the moment he arrived on campus, Loonie was an impressive frontcourt presence for the Engineers, who went 62-37 during his four seasons.
A loonie is a hendecagon, meaning that it is an 11-sided polygon.
Experts who track the exchange rate with Canada have said for years that the loonie was undervalued.
Suffering from the strain of a stronger loonie and increasing overhead costs, pulp and paper producer Domtar posted a net loss of $24 million for the first quarter of 2006.
Richard Gwyn wrote in The Toronto Star at the time that giving up the loonie "would entail a massive surrender of national sovereignty, such as giving up any say in our interest rates.
Since last October, a loonie pot jackpot has grown to reach almost $500,000.
Increased foreign competition, appreciating Canadian loonie, and rising input prices have exerted enormous pressure on OEMs profit margins.
06 against the greenback has proven highly profitable, now that the loonie -- as it is also known -- has depreciated to 1.
Continuing early rally, the loonie firmed to a 5-day high of 94.
But a weaker loonie has brought worries that the retail boost local businesses have come to depend on could diminish.
The club's loonie and toonie drive resulted in $1,730 for Camp Trillium.
Imagine if, on a given Sunday this year, we all give just a loonie; a solitary loonie, less than the price of a cup of coffee.