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someone deranged and possibly dangerous

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Looney, The history, culture, and broad global asset base combine to make Murphy unique among the exploration and production landscape.
This is something for everyone to support," added Looney.
At the start of his work, Looney identifies the important link between American abolitionists and Italian nationals during the Risorgimento, reminding the reader that 'Dante Studies, Italy, abolitionism--each was coming into its own at approximately the same time,' and that 'a major beneficiary of this confluence of intellectual activity was, unexpectedly, the slave in the American South' (p.
A statement from the eight Labour councillors said: "In summary, our view is that Dermot Looney is Mayor because he was a Labour councillor.
Recently, Looney has served as vice president, Worldwide Finance as well as senior vice president, Worldwide Finance at PartyLite.
Looney contends that except for discussions of Gloria Naylor's Linden Hills--wherein previous analysts have missed key elements of Naylor's appropriation of Dante--no one before him has undertaken a project like this.
Believing it to be literary dynamite, Looney sent his completed manuscript in a sealed envelope to the librarian at the British Museum with the stipulation it should not be opened until the war was over.
In Open Between Us, Looney pays homage to his poetic heroes, especially James Wright and Richard Hugo.
Look at the news, read HR and management magazines whatever you can do to keep active on what's going on in the world," said Looney.
The first Looney Tunes "playscape"--a 2,000-square-foot children's play area that will have three-dimensional interactive "statues" of Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Tasmanian Devil--will open on September 15 at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte.
Looney will take a post at the Brookhaven National Laboratory and Holland will join the staff of the Committee on Science of the U.
73 million C&D recycling facility operated by Looney Bins.
Licensees of Warner Bros Looney Tunes cartoon are set to get support from the brand's first advertising campaign.
Five 'cool' characters from Warner Bros Looney Tunes [TN] cartoons are the latest additions to the Pez[R] range of collectable, refillable plastic dispensers containing packets of fruit flavoured sweets in tablet form.
But don't discount the power of Taz, Tweety, Bugs and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang.