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someone deranged and possibly dangerous

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After the introduction, Looney arranges the book chronologically, using the label most commonly applied to black Americans during each time period.
Founded in 1997, Looney Labs games have long been favorites in hobby and game stores.
According to Looney, credit union HR professionals should attend at least one employment law session a year and be aware of changes in labor laws.
Looney will take a post at the Brookhaven National Laboratory and Holland will join the staff of the Committee on Science of the U.
Looney took part in the robbery at the branch on Bandon Road in March last year when EUR2,000 was stolen.
Looney Bins, a member of the Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA), has received a low interest, $2 million loan from the California Integrated Waste Management Board to help start the facility.
Manufacturers such as Highland Spring, as well as retailers like Asda, Argos and Woolworths, are backing the Spot the Looney print, online and promotional campaign, targeted at children aged six to 12.
The five characters making up the new Cool Looney Tunes [TM] range -- Cheeky Bugs, Cool Sylvester, Speedy Taz, Sleepy Daffy and Charming Tweety are each adorned with different 'street cred' accessories, such as sunglasses and baseball caps to distinguish the 'cool' characters from the regular Looney Tunes[TM] range.
As part of its initial Looney Tunes launch, PUNCH will unveil 70 new Looney Tunes products in four primary collections: Fundamentals -- classic interpretations of Looney Tunes characters; Tweety Libwawy -- Tweety with books; Planet X -- Marvin and friends; and Easterific -- Looney Tunes on mini egg tins and tin pails for Easter.
Looney shows how Orlando Innamorato, Orlando Furioso and Gerusalemme Liberata reached back to earlier poems so that the "compromise" in his title means "how certain sources link the classical and medieval traditions and how certain sources also bridge the rhetorical categories of invention, style and disposition" (42-43).
That's why we have developed Looney Tunes especially for children.
During the 2009 International Builders' Show[R], Carson Looney, FAIA, principal of Looney Ricks Kiss Architects, Inc.
Consumer Products (WBCP) is looking to turn up the heat next week in Las Vegas as it showcases a robust Looney Tunes licensing program for retailers and licensees from around the world at Licensing Show 2012.
on Tuesday dismissed the charges against Burl and Judy Looney after prosecutors said they were unable to proceed with the case.
Just Publishing is launching Looney Tunes Giant -- a new, bumper-size comic for kids.