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Synonyms for loon

Synonyms for loon

a worthless lazy fellow

large somewhat primitive fish-eating diving bird of the northern hemisphere having webbed feet placed far back

a person with confused ideas

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The Loon balloons are super pressured, allowing them to last much longer.
One of these solutions is Project Loon, an experimental system that our engineering experts worked on with the team at X, Alphabet's Moonshot factory.
Leveraging the services provided by Alphabet's Project Loon balloons, which enable communications services near the stratosphere, and high-speed internet access provided by Level 3, end-users were able to access the internet from their mobile devices in affected areas.
We want our guests and owners of RiverWalk to experience something exceptional, and our new resort embodies this vision," said Dennis Ducharme, president of RiverWalk at Loon LLC as well as InnSeason Resorts, a chain of resorts across New England.
While the Loon Copter is not the first underwater drone, it is the first multi-rotor drone capable of filling its buoyancy chamber to sink underwater, tilt 90 degrees and move around beneath the water's surface.
If things pan out as envisioned, Project Loon will deploy hundreds of balloons that serve as cell towers in the sky, invisible to the naked eye.
Geodetic engineers Emiliano Hormachuelos and Adriano Odal and chief geologist Al Emil Berador, with local assistants from Loon and Maribojoc, have been reported to lead the mojon placement starting Tuesday.
My husband had it much harder: he was holding a powerful adult loon that would alternate between being calm and frantically trying to get away.
Four decades ago the common loon was not at all common on Massachusetts reservoirs and lakes.
Whether or not help from the nearby Loon Lake non-First Nation community's fire department would have saved the children's lives is unknown.
A truly fascinating read from beginning to end, "Journey With The Loon" is enthusiastically recommended for community and academic Pets/Wildlife reference collections in general, and to the attention of the non-specialist general reader with an interest in, and appreciation for, the life cycle of the loon.
Northland dwellers and visitors will treasure this celebration of the amazing loon.
The Blind Boy & the Loon Retold by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril Illustrated by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril and Daniel Gies Iqaluit: Inhabit Media, 2014 [] $16.
The loon parents would watch all of this activity from the safety of the lake but the urge to brood the eggs would prompt them to return as soon as everything seemed quiet again.