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an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property


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The dictionary company tracks corresponding news events to link lookups to real life.
I've created an 'urban hike' activity to work with local people to create their own LookUp project and I'd love to come back to Cardiff with this and get more LookUps using people's local knowledge.
According to NetSTAR, the inCompass SDK utilised commodity hardware to consistently achieve URL lookups in less than 10 milliseconds per request and could support over 50,000 look-ups per second with a single incident of the technology running.
A reverse cell phone lookup service essentially uses these databases to find a name associated with the number.
VeriSign operates the A root, and said it saw lookups increase between 1,000% and 2,500% during the worm's active phase.
With the table lookup method, there are no extractions, five table lookups, 5 XORs, and five shifts, which is 15 instructions per byte.
We selected ABILITY as our partner to deliver automated CMN and Same and Similar lookups to our DME supplier customers because of their continued commitment to deliver products that bring efficiency and value to our customers.
Some lookups won't have every possible value in the table.
VeriSign Inc on Friday admitted that a temporary "anomaly" in ATLAS, its flagship directory software, was responsible for inaccurate data about a huge spike in domain name system lookups that VeriSign attributed to the Blaster worm.
Address Check and Canadian Address Verify are part of Melissa Data's Free Lookups suite of search tools available at http://www.
Note that the LOOKUP function only does range lookups and won't do the exact match lookup.
This report defines which characteristics determine the source used by consumers for telephone number lookups.
Current users of CyberPatrol software make close to one million lookups per day.
The Address LookUp is one of 30 different free LookUps available 24/7 from Melissa Data.
com) data processing software for Unix, Linux and Windows, today announced two more IT productivity breakthroughs in Version 9 - Multi-File Joins and Multi-Dimensional Lookups.