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an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property


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The selection of an Eircode Provider to facilitate address lookup, validation and verification services.
By considering BroadNet Technologies to execute an HLR Lookup, companies can settle on the mobile network with any mobile number.
Since Lookup on the target table can be used to get IDs for existing records by some other fields, the UPSERT operation allows avoiding duplicate records import.
Briggs & Stratton also uses ARI's B2B electronic parts lookup application, PartSmart Web, as well as ARI's data publishing tool, PartSmart Data Manager.
org is another tool which can be used as an alternative or second-hand opinion to GS Lookup - Snapchat to ensure the current status of your account.
Keywords: AC Motor Drive PWM lookup table low-resolution estimated PWM waveform microcontroller based inverter.
If you're clever, you might wrap the VLOOKUP in an IFERROR function to convert the #N/A to "Not Found" or something similar, but it's very important to accountants that Excel identifies when the cost center or item number isn't found in the lookup table.
She added: "I've created an 'urban hike' activity to work with local people to create their own LookUp project and I'd love to come back to Cardiff with this and get more Look-Ups using people's local knowledge.
k], it is possible to obtain any value of the control variables in a given universe of discourse, by using a linear interpolation in the U and G lookup tables (Mastacan & Olah, 1996), (Mastacan & Olah, 1998).
10-K Lookup is a Web-based service available through ARM's Audit Public and Standard product versions, which is used by accountants, financial reporting professionals and corporate financial officers.
The summation of two lookup table entries controls each potentiometer.
While large routing tables are required for many networking applications, NP-1c with its integrated search engines uses only four low-power, low-cost DRAM chips for storing routing and other lookup tables.
This results in a dynamic services model as well as basic management services including events, logging, lookup, scheduling, and transactions using common APIs.
The Jini[TM] architecture allows services to cooperate through a Lookup service.