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Synonyms for lookout

Synonyms for lookout

the act of carefully watching

a high structure or place commanding a wide view

a person or special body of persons assigned to provide protection or keep watch over, for example

that which is or can be seen

something that concerns or involves one personally

Synonyms for lookout

a person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event

an elevated post affording a wide view

a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings

the act of looking out


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Hard path to the lookout towerThe idea came 10 years ago, but due to the demanding ground and poor servicing conditions, the construction was not built then.
When we managed to bring the lookout tower back into use we made an appeal for volunteers to help us, expecting maybe one or two", he said.
The additional 51 names, including Divina, were in addition to the previous list of people included in the lookout bulletin issued by the DOJ in September.
Now the lookout is easier to access, with a new path, and has seats so people can comfortably take their time admiring spectacular views of Casement Bay and Regina Bay.
While it's far from unheard of for a compromised SDK to make its way into the Google Play Store and allow a threat actor to compromise a user's phone, Lookout noted the attack using Igexin is unique because those malicious SDKs are usually installed in apps created by the attackers themselves.
According to Lookout, a developer, possibly based in Iraq, built over a thousand malicious messaging apps by weaving spy functions into the public source code for a legitimate (and quite popular) messenger app called Telegram.
There's been no official word from Noront on where its smelter will eventually go, but company president-CEO Al Coutts made a presentation in Sioux Lookout to the project partners the same day.
With the unveiling of the new color scheme for On The Lookout, the relation between the two companies will be much more readily apparent," adds Jerry.
Oregon has had a total of 849 forest lookout towers, but only 207 still are standing.
Coastwatch station controller Ray Preston said it is hoped to move back to the refurbished lookout tower some time in August.
The order directs all immigration workers in any airport to be on the lookout for Bangayan in case it attempts to leave the country.
Lookout said its successful spread caught the attention of businesses grappling with ways to keep data and networks safe as lifestyles increasingly involve people using personal smart phones or tablets at work.
I've come to talk with Haugen and get a first-hand peek behind the often-romanticized veneer of what it means to be a fire lookout.
To help their customers protect their data and devices, Orange (NYSE: FTE) is forming a strategic partnership with Lookout, a mobile security company.