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As she was still looking at the reflection of herself, I thought she was still talking to herself, and kept quiet.
She was looking at me then with a look of supreme aversion.
was I looking at the portrait of a rival in my husband's affections--and was that rival his Wife?
You used a rather remarkable expression," he said, looking at Cutler sleepily.
Mr Doyce, still looking at the flame of his candle, slowly resumed:
And in one sense so she was, for all through life she had kept her heart full of childlike simplicity and faith, which was as pure and clear as crystal; and, looking at all matters through this transparent medium, she sometimes saw truths so profound that other people laughed at them as nonsense and absurdity.
Ah," he said, looking at a spot where his finger rested, "my mother was Margaret Beaton; she died when she was forty-seven,--hers wasn't a long-lived family; we're our mother's children, Gritty and me are,--we shall go to our last bed before long.
Evelyn kept looking at the fountain instead of thinking of what she was saying; the fountain without any water seemed to be the type of her own being.
Sydney's name is down for that," answered Polly, looking at her fan with a pretty little air of importance.
Paul's on the lid, and the crocodile book, when Peggotty, after looking at me several times, and opening her mouth as if she were going to speak, without doing it - which I thought was merely gaping, or I should have been rather alarmed - said coaxingly:
Jo," repeats Allan, looking at him with attention, "Jo
While looking at it, it was shut out from his view by the softened tears that filled his eyes; but not before he had seen how earnestly she looked at him, and how her own eyes were filled too.
Gentlemen, my uncle used to SAY that he thought all this at the time, but I rather suspect he learned it out of some book afterwards, for he distinctly stated that he fell into a kind of doze, as he sat on the old axle-tree looking at the decayed mail coaches, and that he was suddenly awakened by some deep church bell striking two.