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similar to moonfish but with eyes high on the truncated forehead

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Record of the bigeye trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus, and Mexican lookdown, Selene brevoorti, with notes on other carangids from California.
A group of two or three AI (artificially intelligent) soldiers accompany you and a Lookdown Map guides you and your team across the vast 3D landscape and helps you pinpoint enemy installations.
Here, snorkelers can see the vibrant colors of the parrot, lookdown, and trigger fish, as well as the proud yellow and white stripes of the curious sergeant major fish.
The Threat is beginning to build aircraft with true lookdown, shoot-down capability, and the purpose of this airplane is to remove that threat.
The old city of Jerusalem was but on lookdown and officers allowed Palestinians older that 45 into the Al Aqsa mosque compound for the Friday prayers.
Unidentified jack 59 Decapterus macarellus Mackerel scad 60 Elagatis bipinnulata Rainbow runner 61 Oligoplites saurus Leatherjacket 62 Selene vomer Lookdown 63 Seriola dumerili Greater amberjack 64 Seriola rivoliana Almaco jack 65 Trachinotus carolinus Florida pompano 66 Trachinotus falcatus Permit Coryphaenidae, Dolphins 67 Coryphaena equisetis Pompano dolphin 68 Coryphaena hippurus Dolphin Lutjanidae, Snappers 69 Etelis oculatus Queen snapper 70 Lutjanus analis Mutton snapper 71 Lutjanus apodus Schoolmaster 72 Lutjanus buccanella Blackfin snapper 73 Lutjanus campechanus Red snapper 74 Lutjanus cyanopterus Cubera snapper 75 Lutjanus griseus Gray snapper 76 Lutjanus jocu Dog snapper 77 Lutjanus mahogoni Mahogany snapper 78 Lutjanus spp.
To replicate a variety of operational conditions, the relative positions of the target aircraft were lookup, lookdown and at the same altitude.
While the title varies according to where you ask the question--yes, one culture's version may differ from another's--we have two lookalike cousins right here in Florida: the lookdown (a.
1988) Cortez grunt Haemulon flaviguttatus Lea and Rosenblatt (1992) Bigeye trevally Caranx sexfasciatus Lea and Walker (1995) Mexican lookdown Selene brevoorti Lea and Walker (1995) Common name Collection date Anchoveta 1986?
In addition, a variety of colorful fish found in the Southern region of the Gulf of California are featured in a nearly 8,000-gallon exhibit, including king angelfish, Cortez rainbow wrasse, porcupine fish, and Mexican lookdowns.
Multiple types of bait--bonito, small snappers, jacks, hard tails, lookdowns (moonfish), torpedoes, sardines--all fresh and lively, went into the livewell.
Live bait used was a mix of sardines, lookdowns and goggle-eyes.
We knew they were there and caught bonefish every morning from 14 to 20 1/2 inches, also hooking houndfish, horseye jacks, snappers and frequent lookdowns.
With all that forage available, the catch list that will continue through the summer can include black margate, sheepshead, small black drum, whiting, lookdowns, snook and even an occasional flounder or late pompano.
Lucie and Indian River Lagoon hold a mix of trout, baby tarpon, lookdowns and ladyfish, too.