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The real George Best at the opening of HMV Videozone in Northumberland Street, Newcastle, 1990, with Marilyn Monroe and Clint Eastwood lookalikes
Categorising potential romantic partners as celebrity lookalikes uses photographic face recognition to provide the type you like.
Not just celebrity lookalikes either, it allows you to find any lookalikes.
You can follow Mark on Twitter at @markohare83 and the Lookalikes TV show at @lookalikesc4.
Andy Harmer (aka |David Beckham) oversees the careers of lookalikes including "Victoria Beckham", right, "Gordon Ramsay" and "Harry Hill" (inset above)
The laws' approaches vary: some require the lookalikes to be brightly colored, others set up stiff penalties for those who use lookalikes in alarming or criminal behavior.
He's been having great fun - and making a few quid - working as Eck's lookalike.
WANNABE Apprentice Ben Clarke FAILED in his first career as a Gavin Henson lookalike, Wales on Sunday can reveal today.
Luna and Morton as Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe lookalikes
The Chilli Chaps calendar aims to drive awareness of the meals consumers con create with Uncle Ben's chilli con came hot and medium sauces, and features Best and the lookalikes, who include David Beckham, Will Smith and Johnny Depp stand-ins.
TODAY: Frank Sinatra lookalike performances at 2, 3 and 4pm; l THURSDAY: Vegas wine-tasting sessions from 1-7pm; l SATURDAY: Showgirl performances at 2, 3, 5.
After getting so much attention from fans of the teenage player, Miss Newman, from Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, decided to contact agency A-List Lookalikes and Entertainments Ltd and has been told she has now become the first professional Maria Sharapova lookalike.
She is attending a charity bash in Swansea next month with a group of other lookalikes who resemble stars, including Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery and Elvis Presley.
But there's more than one Alan Shearer - and BUSOLA ODULATE has signed up a fantasy team of lookalikes to prove it.
Over one-third of marketeers consider lookalikes to be an increasing threat to their business.