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They were a people drunk with power and success, looking upon the other inhabitants of Mars as we look upon the beasts of the field and the forest.
Let the man turn and look upon Issus, knowing that those of the lower orders who gaze upon the holy vision of her radiant face survive the blinding glory but a single year.
It said that, ill as thou hadst done to drive me away, yet worse shouldst thou do to look upon my face again, for that day should be thy day of doom.
Next day I was ready again to look upon it all as nonsense, due to over-excited nerves, and, above all, as exaggerated.
Begging Moses to mediate for them with God, they were instructed to look upon the brazen serpent Moses was commanded to mount on a pole.
Brits look upon Eurovision the way we look upon the people of Europe - and then we wonder why no one votes for us.
It is more difficult to allow ourselves to be looked upon by God than to look upon God.
MY SECRET GARDEN I look upon my secret garden And see the fairies dance The berry bushes upon the grass Where the pixies prance.
I now look upon skipping with the same distaste as helping my mum with the washing - another activity I used to relish as a child.
Mikelic seems to look upon himself as the public voice of the ELCIC.
I'm sure our future generations will look upon our generation's acts toward animals with distaste.
He is a loving Father who wants to see his children look upon one another as brothers and sisters, working responsibly to place their various talents at the service of the common good of the human family" (Zenit, Jan.
We look upon it as being a step towards keeping the promotion race open.
Kalpana is Neema's great-grandmother, who dreams of a journey from her village in India to Australia to see her family there and to look upon the face of her dead husband.
Yet, people from many cultural groups look upon questioning as an intrusion into privacy.