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expect or hope for

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Ambrose, who had been speaking much at random, now reflected that she certainly did not look forward to the intimacy of three or four weeks on board ship which was threatened.
In the time to come--when you only remember how kind you once were to me--we may look forward to meeting again.
I look forward a long while, through years and years, and think that then, when I am growing old, or when I am dead perhaps, a beautiful woman, his daughter, happily married, may be proud of him and a blessing to him.
Why, last fall it seemed so long to look forward to--a whole winter of studies and classes.
The man who awakes the wondering tremulous passion of a young girl always thinks her affectionate; and if he chances to look forward to future years, probably imagines himself being virtuously tender to her, because the poor thing is so clingingly fond of him.
It must be confessed that we did not look forward to her visit with any pleasure.
Tom,' enquired his sister, slowly, and in a curious tone, as if she were reading what she asked in the fire, and it was not quite plainly written there, 'do you look forward with any satisfaction to this change to Mr.
Don't you wish you could take a look forward and wee where we shall all be then?
Do thou, therefore, O Rhadamanthus, who sittest in judgment with me in the murky caverns of Dis, as thou knowest all that the inscrutable fates have decreed touching the resuscitation of this damsel, announce and declare it at once, that the happiness we look forward to from her restoration be no longer deferred.
And any boy who is born in America may look forward to the same things," said our ambitious friend Charley.
He said: "It's just a good game for us to look forward to.
You can never turn the clock back, you've always got to look forward," said Robinson, who was England head coach between September 2004 and November 2006 after being forwards coach in the 2003 World Cup-winning campaign.
Despite the chill wind, I had a fantastic day at Chasetown (left) and I look forward to seeing their rise through the leagues in the coming seasons.
Zeckendorf Development, developers of the project, Bovis Lend Lease and building trades workers gathered on the third floor of the structure to conclude the initial stages of construction on The House, and to look forward to the topping out of the second wing, The Tower, anticipated for the end of August.
While this is the company's first year as a prime contractor to the CIOSP contract community, KPMG Consulting is already a revenue leader and we look forward to working with the company for the remaining nine years of this contract," said Dr.