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look towards one's back


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Who better to look backward on momentous events of a century ago and more importantly, forward to current maritime matters which, grasped by the relevant people and organisations, private AND public, could help usher-in a new age of prosperity for Liverpool?
Instead, researchers often must look backward, as they did in this study, and try to find the cause by probable causes linking smoke exposure and illness, BBC website reported on Monday.
May is a time, like January, to look backward for what has occurred and forward to the projects and enjoyment that are in our future.
5) By inducing the look forward, in other words, it compels the look backward, the reflexive turn.
Having that solid store base allows us now to look backward to ensure we are keeping those stores relevant to the customer.
officials said Obama administration would continue to encourage Turkey and Armenia to move forward, not look backward.
Howard replied, "I won't initiate anything at this school which encourages young men to sit down and look backward.
I've always put it down to the publicity machines not wanting to look backward, but rather always moving on to the next big new project, it's also worth considering that the results of some POEs might not be exactly flattering.
The look backward is essentially a look back at the Bush years, a commentary on current events as seen as a newspaper correspondent who has some kind of access, direct or indirect, to many of the higher officials in the administration.
The controversial plan to retest samples is already bringing resistance from the International Cycling Union, whose president Pat McQuaid told the Associated Press on Monday: "We prefer to look forward rather than look backward.
The real problem is that the agencies' mathematical formulas look backward while life is lived forward," writes Lowenstein .
Whether it's a look backward or forward, museum exhibitions provide inspiration for a number of industries, and home is no exception.
I'm sure each of them not only want to look backward but also forward, in faith, to their future.
Frontman Michael Stipe said: "It's really an honour that someone took the time to look backward and to kind of recognise what we've done in our past.
Killinger's "Introduction" is dubbed "A Word from the Author," and it is a look backward at his growing-up years in Somerset, Kentucky, especially the role of the local Baptist church in his life.