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be oriented in a certain direction

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But if I look across other parts of the world, Australian women have the opportunity to go out and do whatever they want, pretty well, compared to other countries," she added.
Beltre will look across at a Dodgers team he hardly recognizes, one that's undergone a complete transformation since he left.
One need only look across the pond at the way the Australian Rupert Murdoch has revolutionized both professional soccer and rugby to realize that some problems can never be solved by the locals; moribund industries sometimes need a kick in the pants from a foreign foot.
If you look across our entire chain, 80% of our stores are either brand-new or have been fully remodeled in the past five years.
We took an 'honest broker' approach that as the LSI, we would look across all of industry, not just our team, to find the best solution for each part of the program.
An old New York City girl, Naylor wanted waterfront, but she also wanted to look across the bay to Sarasota's skyline and those twinkling city lights.
Too often Irish managers, including Mick, look across the water for talent, even trawling the English second and third divisions.
When you look across the health care newsletter publishing industry, you see publications priced in the high $300s and $400s, and I'm not sure that such prices are sustainable in the field," asserted one publisher.
But when you look across the road all you can see is a meadow of long grass.
Even better is the ability to look across business units and multiline products.
Other references manifest themselves for from this quiet evocation of ancient Greece, you can sit on blocks of hewn sandstone and look across at the other evocations of Classical antiquity on Calton Hill built in Edinburgh's heroic period.
Then you look across at the window again: see a dark square made up of two rectangles, framed in blue paint, with nothing inside.
Standing there, I could look across clusters of markers commemorating people who were related, who had known or known of each other.