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a domestic long-wool sheep

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Both Hog Island and Leicester Longwool sheep descended from breeds raised during the colonial era, before the advent of modern breeding techniques.
The last part of the breeding jigsaw in our complex and uniquely stratified sheep industry is carcase improvement of the longwool breeds used widely to produce the prolific hybrid mule-type ewes which provide lowland flock replacements.
Within 3 years, their first heritage breeds arrived--extremely endangered Leicester Longwool sheep and Milking Devons (which have died out in Great Britain but number about 150 throughout North America).
In the interest of delivering mutton to our tables, these are moved downhill to be crossed with Longwool rams to produce breeding females which, in turn, are crossed with Down breeds.
The showcase for rare, minority and traditional breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs incorporated the 119th annual show and sale for the Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Breeders' Association, and the Northern Jacob Sheep Breeders' 34th annual show and sale.
According to Diego, Mountain View Grand has undertaken many recent environmental sustainability projects, including a recycling program; using energy-saving lighting; recycling cooking oil to make diesel fuel; using its water tower to irrigate its golf course and grounds; growing its own vegetables and flowers; implementing a towel and linen reuse program; raising Leicester Longwool sheep, a critically endangered breed; buying local food and beverage products and forging a partnership with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests to promote land conservation.
Farmers are often able to get more for their wool, particularly for speciality types such as Longwool, by selling abroad.
Lincoln Longwool Champion: Mrs S A Chapman, Barton-on-Humber.
The breed took both the male and female Longwool championships for the first time - and both sheep were owned by vets.
Sheepfold launched two new designs of their "bag for life", ready to knit and felt with wool from Back Leicester Longwool sheep grazing in Wales.
On board is nine-year-old Anna Pictures: ANDREW FORGRAVE and GAYNOR THOMAS; Matthew Barrett, 20, Penygroes won Show champion, best rare breed, best bantam, best soft feather, best bantam soft feather with his German Langchan at the Bethesda agricultural show; Peter Blythe, of Hope Mountain, Caergwrle, with a Grey Face Dartmoor ram that was longwool champion at Caerwys; Jennifer Borsey, of Glanrafon, Waen, St Asaph, with a three-year-old Hampshire Down ram that was supreme sheep champion at Caerwys
At this time Karakul, Scottish Blackface, Tunis, Cotswold, American Coopworth, Leicester Longwool, Hog Island, Icelandic, Navajo Churro, Jacobs, and Lincolns have been pledged.
Furthermore, the Aberdale crossbred wether lambs, which are consistently reaching target finishing weight and achieving better carcass specification than the purebred or Longwool alternatives, are retained by the producer and sold as finished lambs.
Eligible rare and primitive breeds include: Boreray, Castlemilk Moorit, Leicester Longwool, North Ronaldsey, Teeswater, Hill Radnor; Soay, Whitefaced Woodland, Balwen, Cotswold, Devon & Cornwall Longwool, Dorset Down, Lincoln Longwool, Manx Loaghtan, Norfolk Horn, Portland, Wensleydale, Whitefaced Dartmoor, Dorset Horn, Greyface Dartmoor, Llanwenog, Oxford Down; Ryeland, Shropshire and Shetland.