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Synonyms for longways

country dancing performed with couples in two long lines facing each other

in the direction of the length

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On July 10, (pre-outbreak), the soldier writes, "we are packed in like sardines," and "we are packed right across the ship longways & sideways," on August 29 (mid-outbreak), "men are packed in such a small space.
Schirmer, 1918) all except six of the twenty-eight contra-dances are in longways formation.
If God had "aimed for a man to be always a-moving and going somewheres else, wouldn't He a put him longways on his belly, like a snake?
Slice them longways and prepare them in the same way as the aubergines.
He can stack them like a jigsaw puzzle, putting three deep and two longways in the truck.
Looking today at all these bourgeois city-folk teaching and dancing folk dances, and in the case of the English Country Dances, doing reels, jigs and longways set dances with indeterminate, varied and multiple historical origins among villagers and gentry (but increasingly including dances written in the present "in the historical tradition"), I wondered who they thought they were imitating in 'doing it right.
4) Couples lined up longways, facing one another, as in a Virginia Reel, and danced up and down the line, separating and reuniting, turning and even kissing one another, and then casting offeach partner in favor of another, until they returned to their original partners.