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Edwards, AFTRA's first national vice president and the former longtime host of National Public Radio's ``Morning Edition,'' takes over at least until the union's next national board meeting at the end of April.
Bill Novelli is a longtime associate of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and in fact wrote an introduction to Gingrich's recent book on health care.
The year she represented her beloved home state, the multi-talented entertainer shared the stage with 49 other hopefuls at the pageant's longtime home in Atlantic City.
Featuring a remarkable performance by longtime collaborator Nathan Lane, McNally's tale of the endurance of gay friendship became the definitive gay play of the 1990s in much the same way that Mart Crowley's dark The Boys in the Band had defined the 1960s.
Along the Upper West Side's most recognized retail corridor, Columbus Avenue from West 67th to West 82nd Street, 14 new stores have already opened within the past year, and one more has signed a lease for a May 2005 opening, replacing several longtime occupants, announces Barbara Adler, executive director of the Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District (BID).
Mark DeMoss, Jerry Falwell's longtime media spokesman, has dropped the TV preacher as a client.
It must be of some comport to President Bush knowing that his longtime aide doe Allbaugh is in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is directing relief efforts in the wake of the terrorist attacks.
Jones wrote for many publications, including the Washington Post, The Nation, The Congressional Quarterly, and was a longtime reporter for People Magazine and contributed articles on health and medicine to CNN.
Thanks to a father who was a longtime coach in the U.
DIED: Alan Selby, 75, a longtime AIDS activist and leader in San Francisco's gay leather community, of complications from emphysema, at his home in the city, in early May,
Your Money's Worth 740AM WSBR Monday Talk Radio host Mick Bazsuly is a longtime Florida broadcaster who has covered major events in Florida and throughout the US for over 15 years.
Longtime castle neighbors said they've watched new-home developers tear down stone houses and classic bungalows, but they couldn't tolerate the destruction of such a unique property.
DIED: Gail Jacobson Lang, 52, a longtime lesbian activist, in Sacramento, of cancer, November 2.
while his longtime partner Havers (Sharon Small) finds herself unjustifiably demoted and bristling at her lowly assignments.