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  • adj

Synonyms for longsighted

capable of seeing to a great distance

planning prudently for the future

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1095 (2005) (tracing the historical roots of guest worker programs in the United States and analyzing the strengths and shortcomings of President Bush's proposal; proposing that the Bush administration should have adopted a longsighted approach to temporary agricultural workers addressing the reality that no temporary work program is truly temporary).
This majestic act of bravery, carefully crafted longsighted plan to end Eritrea's occupation by Ethiopia and its supporters be it west or east block.
Quite fascinating," he trilled at the end of the session, "you're profoundly short-sighted in your left eye, but longsighted in your right.
Stewardship prioritizes human prudence in caring for creation--a wise and longsighted model, though it remains fairly invested in a hierarchical distinction between humans and everything else.
He was also longsighted which meant he could read from the board but not close up.
He is fairly longsighted and was at a bit of loss without his specs, so we were more than happy to help him out free of charge.
This means processors must take a more longsighted approach if they too want their businesses to survive and they must, with some urgency, persuade retailers that there is no point in continuing to pay less for beef than it costs to put before them.
Assessing the threat posed by generic companies is integral to developing a longsighted plan for drug lifecycles, concludes a report from Cutting Edge Information.