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a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port

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Safety is everyone's responsibility; from longshoreman to the captain of the port, said Wyrosdick.
These jobs are not inherently less dignified and compelling than the old forms of industrial labor--at least as far as I can see--but their occupants have been pounded into a level of servility that would appall a self-respecting longshoreman.
For many years Baker worked as a longshoreman on the Vancouver docks.
In addition, the contract calls for adequate funding of the Pay Guarantee Plan (which guarantees registered longshoremen up to 38 hours of pay a week) to provide a financial cushion for longshoreman adversely affected by declining logging work.
The late longshoreman poet and philosopher, Eric Hoffer, once wrote, "Show me your records of maintenance, and I'll tell you what kind of country you are.
Hoover Institution Press today released Eric Hoffer: The Longshoreman Philosopher by Tom Bethell.
In order to afford the lifestyle to which I long to become accustomed, I clearly need a job as a longshoreman at the Port of Los Angeles.
Bill Keller, of the state's 184th Legislative District, who spent 25 years as a longshoreman at the docks and who lives in the immediate neighborhood.
On D-Day, he parachuted into the thick of battle at Normandy, and after the war fished for crab in the Bering sea, worked for a time as a longshoreman, and on one occasion lopped off the top of a thumb in a sawmill accident.
Some operate under a landlord-tenant structure, where private companies lease terminal space from the municipal entity and are responsible for most shipping-related operations, including contracting directly with longshoreman and financing and maintaining their terminal improvements and infrastructure (cranes, warehouses and buildings).
The death of a longshoreman in New York on Sunday and the two deaths of longshoremen in South Carolina in July only demonstrate the urgent need for this conference.