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your general store of remembered information

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To corroborate these initial clinical results, the effect of HT-0712 on long-term memory formation more recently was evaluated in macaque monkeys, using a more complex cognitive task -- paired-associate learning.
Thus, the scientists concluded that prenatal choline intake improves long-term memory in the resulting offspring once they reach adulthood.
This resulted in a significant impairment in the strength of the neurons' connections, which is responsible for long-term memory.
is a leader in the discovery of genes involved in long-term memory and the development of drugs for the enhancement of the formation of memory, as well as therapies for memory-related disorders.
Young students who use software requiring exploration and problem solving in math and science display higher gains in intelligence, nonverbal skills, structural knowledge, long-term memory, complex manual dexterity, and self-esteem when compared to students who did not use computers or only used drill-and-practice software.
The participants played a computerized brain-fitness program called Dakim BrainFitness, which trains individuals through more than 400 exercises in the areas of short- and long-term memory, language, visual-spatial processing, reasoning and problem-solving, and calculation skills.
Stage 2 If information is important enough, it may be transferred into the long-term memory, where the process of storage involves associations with words or meanings, with the visual imagery evoked by it, or with other experiences such as smell or sound.
Although common biological processes may underlie emotion-induced memory enhancement and amnesia, there may be differences between short-term and long-term memory, Cahill adds.
A lot of kids don't think it's dangerous to use drugs, but we are seeing teen-agers who already have short-term and long-term memory loss,'' he said.
Cortex has targeted a lead AMPAKINE(TM) compound for development, and preclinical studies at five additional research centers in the United States have confirmed earlier findings of enhanced short- and long-term memory.
OncoVAX immunotherapy is based on a long-standing attempt by scientists to manipulate the body's immune response and its long-term memory to prevent the return of disease months or years after surgery.
The results showed that Rap1 is responsible for suppressing L-type calcium channels, allowing them to activate only at the proper moments, possibly during long-term memory formation.
The electrical implant can bring back long-term memory which has been completely lost and improve it in others who have normal recall.
These are the same sections of the brain that gradually deteriorate among sufferers of Alzheimer's disease, although in those cases, regions that deal with long-term memory are also affected.
Documented animal tests show that the Cortex AMPAKINE compound improves both short and long-term memory ability in animals, Lynch observed.
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