long-staple cotton

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cotton with relatively long fibers

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Long years of governmental neglect of this important industry ended in its machines deteriorating, which then became incapable of dealing with the fine long-staple cotton yarns.
The lush, ring-spun terry combines a long-staple cotton yarn in the weft, with twisted bamboo fiber yarns in the loop," said the company of its high-end, innovative towel.
The outer layer of the Merino Kids toddler sleep sack is all-natural combed long-staple cotton with the durability to withstand active toddler wear and tear.
Cotton agriculture there depends on rain and California didn't witness rain this year, which caused a decrease of cultivated areas and the production did not exceed 100,000 acres, compared to 500,000 and more in previous years, and this led to the demand for Egyptian long-staple cotton.
Trademarked Micro Cotton, he said, offers the benefits of other kinds of long-staple cotton, such as Egyptian, Supima and Pima, and is soft, luxurious and absorbent.
Egyptian long-staple cotton has long remained one of the finest cotton types worldwide.