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having relatively long fibers

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Long years of governmental neglect of this important industry ended in its machines deteriorating, which then became incapable of dealing with the fine long-staple cotton yarns.
But, as Otto points out, tobacco, rice, sugar, long-staple cotton, and pork production still lagged behind pre-war levels, while the cash value of farms, plantations, tools, and machinery stood considerably below 1860 values.
Since the equipment used for making these short-staple air laid samples was expensive and since the clients involved were using long-staple air laid equipment in their plants, granulated waste air laid trials were performed using long-staple air laid equipment.
The Nile Delta, with its famous Giza extra-long and long-staple.
FiberMax is high quality, long-staple upland cotton mainly grown in the United States that is ideally suited for finished goods that require finer yarns for manufacturing.
Egyptian long-staple cotton has long remained one of the finest cotton types worldwide.
In Vidori, long-staple combed cotton yarn encapsulates synthetic microfilament bundles.
The lush, ring-spun terry combines a long-staple cotton yarn in the weft, with twisted bamboo fiber yarns in the loop," said the company of its high-end, innovative towel.
The outer layer of the Merino Kids toddler sleep sack is all-natural combed long-staple cotton with the durability to withstand active toddler wear and tear.
An official with the Egyptian Chamber of Textile Industries said the rate of low quality imported cotton ranges between 10% and 15%, but for Egyptian middle-staple and long-staple cotton, the same figure is only 2%.
There is no comparison between the feel of ordinary 600 TC sheets found in department stores and the extraordinarily smooth finish of 600 TC luxury linens milled from long-staple Egyptian cotton.
Trademarked Micro Cotton, he said, offers the benefits of other kinds of long-staple cotton, such as Egyptian, Supima and Pima, and is soft, luxurious and absorbent.
The report offers an analysis of the global textile machinery market with a focus on spinning machineries (short-staple and long-staple spindles and open-end rotors).
Because of its relative geographic isolation, Egypt over the years has developed strains of high-quality long-staple cotton uncontaminated by cross-breeding from lesser quality strains.
New bed frames designed to prevent sagging; * Nine-inch-thick spring mattresses with separate two-inch-thick micro-fiber pillow tops; * 220-thread-count long-staple cotton-blend sheets; * Two micro-fiber pillows, plus one decorative pillow; * Duvet with cotton-blend covers; * Bed skirts; and * Colored bed scarves placed at the end of the beds to protect the duvet.