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of flowers having a long extension at the base of the corolla

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In springtime, when masses of colorful, long-spurred columbine flowers nod gracefully above tall stems, they resemble fluttering butterflies that dazzle the eye.
Lately, the single-petaled, long-spurred types seem to be in favor with columbine aficionados, and the nectar-bearing spurs are a hit with hummingbirds.
They resemble the flowers of common nasturtiums, being long-spurred, with larger petals at the bottom, but they have a butterfly-like elegance that is all their own.
Breeders have also produced outstanding, long-spurred strains like the 2- to 3-foot-tall McKana Giants, which come in many colors and bloom over a long season, 12-inch-tall Dragonfly, 18-inch Music, 18- to 30-inch Songbird, 30-inch Star, and 3-foot Harlequin.
Leafy stems 2 to 4 feet tall produce long-spurred flowers in pastel shades of cream, yellow, blue, purple, pink, and rose.