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having a snout that is longer than average

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Professor Junchang Lu, of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, said: "Although we're only starting to learn about them, the long-snouted tyrannosaurs were apparently one of the main groups of predatory dinosaurs in Asia.
Palaeontologists were uncertain of the existence of long-snouted tyrannosaurs until the remains of the dinosaur - named Qianzhousaurus sinensis - were unearthed in southern China.
These include freshwater dolphins, long-snouted crocodiles (ghariyal) and at least two distinct species of turtles.
Long-snouted mouse like creature that clings to hems of trousers, skirts or shoes so it can lick spilt drink off the floor.
Without such a bill, WWF Cymru says our marine habitat and wildlife will pay the price, especially the bottlenose dolphin, long-snouted sea horse and pink seafan coral, which are all found in Welsh waters.
In the UK's seas, long-snouted and short-snouted seahorse species are both classified as under threat, along with several types of shark, including the porbeagle, and the Atlantic salmon.
Abstract--The long-snouted seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) (Cuvier, 1829), was used to validate the predictive accuracy of three progressively realistic models for estimating the realized annual fecundity of asynchronous, indeterminate, multiple spawners.
Contrasted with the flowing elegance of a 911, the long-snouted 4x4 looked more like a duck-billed platypus than a stylish supercar.
The main long-snouted Irish species has a body that is mottled with white spots and is particularly prized because it is so pretty.
A record of the long-snouted dolphin, Stenella plagiodon (Cope), from the Texas coast.
Work at Kabah has focused on the Palace of the Masks, elaborately decorated with 400 masks of the long-snouted Mayan rain god, Chac.
Moreover, the putative existence of two varieties of pig, a short-snouted and a long-snouted, that has been attributed to the gradation of forms between the local wild pig and the domesticated breed (Abdulali 1962: 283), has been discounted by the analysis of pig bones from Chauldari.
The disease resides in the belly of the triatoma bug, a long-snouted insect that drops down from thatched roofs and wall crevices onto sleeping victims.
Adults would have been around six metres in length and had long-snouted heads with over 100 pointed, crocodile-like teeth.
This classic series featured small, pink, long-snouted, mouse-like creatures who inhabited a small hollow planet and communicated in high-pitched whistles.