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Synonyms for long-run

relating to or extending over a relatively long time

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The high unconditional volatility of the drift confronts the representative consumer with what Bansal and his coauthors call long-run risk because the conditional mean of consumption growth is not constant but wanders.
Only for public relations consumption do we pretend our timber is traded to licensees for long-run forest-centred stewardship.
The better the choices made in the long-run planning phase, the smaller will be the incentives to change the scale of the plant.
My answer is that a good chunk is a sustainable, long-run development reflecting improved business practices in the U.
Key factors determining the increase in rents and home prices include (1) the increase in demand for housing in the private sector resulting from the reduction of on-base naval housing, (2) the short-run and long-run elasticities of supply of private sector housing with respect to housing prices, and (3) the elasticity of demand to live in a defined housing area with respect to housing prices.
Alper: Though most management in my experience, especially that of the chain operations, has been pretty reasonable in balancing price, quality and long-run cost savings, there are always those facilities that will simply stick with the lowest price, regardless of other considerations.
The simplest "long-run neutrality" proposition specifies that a permanent change in the money stock has no long-run consequences for the level of real output.
In their article, "The Long-Run Costs of Moderate Inflation," they discuss the costs of inflation uncertainty, real growth variability, and relative price volatility, and examine their empirical relationship with inflation.
Also available are stainless mold and holder steels for low-maintenance, long-run operations.
In the long-run, income decreases from VPS combined with BBC will lead to provider opposition to caps.
OBTAINING ESTIMATES FOR THE STANDARD ERRORS OF LONG-RUN PARAMETERS This note provides a practical illustration of the reparameterisation described by Wickens and Breusch (1988) which enables estimates of long-run coefficients and their standard errors to be derived from an autoregressive distributed lag equation.
If you are going to encourage a long-run growth, for example, debtfinancing has a great advantage, since as long as a corporation meets its interest payments, it is free to sacrifice short-term profits for long-term productivity.
January Commentary: an extensive review of the long-run capital markets covering the past 80 years as well as the recent past.
Since economic decision making is based on real factors, the long-run effect of injecting money into the macroeconomy is often described as neutral--in the end, real variables do not change and so economic decision making is also unchanged.
The stellar performance of the economy over recent years provides the nation a unique opportunity to begin to tackle its long-run problems.
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