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involving an extended span of time

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suitable for or reaching long distances

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18 with the ATV TV station implied the possible adoption of a strategy of local acquisition of long-range SAMs to develop ballistic missiles with offensive capabilities.
PSCR tested long-range operations by mounting General Dynamics' high-sensitivity eNodeB on a tower at the US Department of Commerce's Boulder Atmospheric Observatory in Erie, Colorado.
The six drivers are: participation of executive leadership, process training, streamlining the amount of time the process takes, integrating the long-range plan to the annual plan or budget, ensuring data quality and investing in purpose-built software.
North Korea said Saturday it will launch a long-range rocket between December 10 and 22 to put what it calls a "working satellite" into orbit, with much of the world suspecting it is in reality testing inter-continental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
South Korea's Foreign Ministry said: "North Korea is trying yet again to launch a long-range missile which is a grave provocation that ignores the international community's concern and warnings and is a direct challenge against it.
The statement said that launching the long-range missile violates international laws, pointing to international sanctions that were imposed on North Korea due to its nuclear test and the launch of missiles in the past.
CEO Akbar Al Baker announced the order of two additional long-range Boeings at the recently concluded Farnborough Airshow which will be used to target new ultra long-haul markets.
North Korea launched a long-range rocket from Musudan-ri on April 5, which had also been transported by special train.
Lockheed Martin's P-175 Polecat is testing technologies that could be used in future long-range strike and reconnaissance aircraft.
Even so, the long-range budget contains no money for such a bomber.
Although an LMP usually focuses on a long-range goal, such as a 10- or 15-year projection, it almost always is set to be carried out in phases; for example, a new library to be built in five years, a gymnasium in seven.
If a waiting room and separate restroom are an extravagance in a starter home or an apartment, they should be in the long-range plans of a successful studio.
As expected, we find that long-range dependence (LRD) appears at some time granularities, and that for a given network size LRD decays as time granularity increases.
Long-range planning and facilities management are important parts of maintaining camp assets and building a better community environment for staff and campers alike.
Whether it is the military sniper, the buffalo hunter, the big bore national match competitor or the modern varmint hunter, effective long-range Shooting is an American tradition.