long underwear

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an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one piece

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In cool-to-cold weather, cotton long underwear soaks up our perspiration and keeps it right next to our skin.
For much of the movie he had fought evil concealed in a form-fitting metal suit which, if nothing else, was an advertisement for the need for d talcum powder when flying at supersonic speeds in metal long underwear.
Ms Lacy said new "touch DNA" tests on skin cells were left behind on JonBenet's long underwear pointed to an "unexplained third party".
Included in "Space Program" are a full-scale lunar module complete with toilet, sleeping nook, reading material, stereo system, and a Jack Daniels-stocked bar; a three-layer spacesuit brilliantly crafted out of Tyvek, long underwear, tubing, a snowsuit, and yellow rubber boot inserts produced by Nike; several scaled-down, functioning dioramas depicting various stages in the sequence of historical events; and a mission control station represented by a metal desk beneath a grid of thirty-odd monitors, each linked to a camera trained on a different point of the installation.
Indeed, in one scene from his movie The War Wagon, a back brace is clearly visible beneath his long underwear.
Chlorophyll himself, who has ordered us to drive less, fly less and barbecue less, and wear sweaters and long underwear, dismantle our energy industry and change every light bulb in the house.
The system begins with long underwear that's made of lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester designed to keep the wearer dry.
The program, which initially asked customers to return worn-out Capilene baselayers, also known as long underwear, to Patagonia, has expanded to include the collection of used Polartec-branded garments by Patagonia or any other company, and Patagonia cotton tee shirts.
Before dawn lit the frigid Leona Valley Winery on Monday, the Reynoldses, their winemaker and vineyard manager -- swaddled in long underwear, parkas, sweaters, hats, snow boots and gloves -- gingerly snipped frozen grape clusters from four rows of dormant leafless vines.
Saddam was ejected from the courtroom repeatedly for political harangues, and his half brother, Ibrahim, once showed up in long underwear and sat with his back to the judges.
But that all changed when he encountered Mayflower Bryant in the basement laundry of his building and she persuaded him to dance with her in his long underwear.
Barzan has appeared at some hearings in long underwear in protest at the trial.
Whether you need flight gear, heavy flight gloves, long underwear or nomex hoods, go to:
He was sensible enough to head for his new location with long underwear, with one modification.
The items issued vary by the type of unit a soldier is in, but most get improved T-shirts, belts and socks, along with silk-weight long underwear, goggles, hydration systems, improved knee pads, fleece jackets, and bib overalls.