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trousers reaching to the foot


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If you're out gardening, wear long sleeves, long trousers and gloves.
Jumper and polo shirt, skirt or long trousers - not much room for manoeuvre there.
my Granddad Chinn left school at 11 when his mom gave him the money to buy a second-hand pair of long trousers, the symbol of manhood, and told him to get a job in a factory.
We learn the importance of little things in his years behind bars, as being issued with long trousers is considered a significant victory.
The scene in which he was denied permission to attend his son's burial and his victorious smile as he manages a significant concession for prisoners to wear long trousers instead of short ones at the barbaric prison on Robben Island underlined Madiba, the man.
c Justu as young rebelse once used to don long trousers to rebele againstg their short-trousers-onlyl schoolc uniformf policy, c nowo the boyso of Year 10 want the right to bin their trousers and go backc again.
According to company's uniform rules, skirts or long trousers are more acceptable.
Despite being blind from shortly after birth Stevie started playing the piano before he was into long trousers .
Officials passed the decree during the French Revolution at a time when wearing long trousers (as opposed to knee-length "culottes") was seen as a symbol of defiance.
The origin of its name is unknown, but some believe it comes from New York where early Dutch settlers wore long trousers called knickerbockers.
That's why rap singers wear wide and long trousers.
Other times, men had to wear long trousers to swim in public.
Bosses should ban shorts only if they have first carried out a risk assessment, and only people whose jobs could prove hazardous should still be made to work in long trousers, said the TUC.
Drivers, both children and adults, wishing to participate would need to wear suitable clothing to drive in, which includes long trousers and closed-toe shoes.