long suit

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Synonyms for long suit

something at which a person excels

Synonyms for long suit

in a hand, the suit having the most cards

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Robinson always has a clever way to treat stage action, and humor is generally his long suit, as it was here.
The long drags uphill were never my long suit and when you get into the race and it's fast and guys are strong it's a suffer-fest.
Here they're working with an overdone Allen drama, a type of film that has never been his long suit.
She was wearing what looked to be a very slim, long suit or coat over her dress.
Subtlety has never been the long suit of Keane, whose first act on being signed by Clough for Nottingham Forest was to paint the walls and ceilings of his new apartment black.
One of our LightSPEEDs, on the other hand, has been back to the factory twice, so clearly, durability isn't their long suit.
Even the best genre fiction is frequently consigned to this second category, but with The Long Suit Philip Davison reminds us that excellence is where you find it.
He started the show looking like a young Bob Dylan in a long suit jacked, shirt and tie.
Entertainment has never been Middlesbrough's long suit.
After all, they broke up AT & T and had a long suit against Microsoft.
In the old days, 'black tie' used to mean long dress, but these days it could mean long dress, long suit with trousers or pants, or a cocktail dress - it's not as simple,' says Caroline.
As Hampel momentarily reflects -- not his long suit, his motto being "Let's just see what'll happen next" -- how he has come to this pass at the border, he decides it all began with Hitler.
Maintaining conversational momentum is not Markie's long suit.
Horn also knows that we cannot escape conundrums embedded in what we know of Mark Twain's other intellectual interests and habits: that his reading was wide, unsteadily intense, and chaotic, that ideas (intellectually-respectable and otherwise) flowed over him from every quarter, and that philosophically-rigorous habits of inquiry were never his long suit.
While self-awareness has never been Helga's long suit, her efforts to understand her emotions and to make the right choices about her life become disastrous after the destabilizing shock of Anderson's rejection.