long shot

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a venture that involves great risk but promises great rewards

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a contestant that is unlikely to win

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Front shot of Turkish president and long shot of the delegations
I was shocked, however, when I read "Making A Long Shot.
Egoyan often frames Stephens in outdoor long shots, the better to emphasize his hopelessly inadequate and anachronistic presence in the very community he descends upon to save.
It's a long shot, and it's about as dangerous as it gets.
But just because something is a long shot does not mean that you don't do it.
Often a wide shot, or literally a long shot, it sets the location, characters, and mood of what follows, thus becoming a crucial--if often stymied (intentionally or otherwise)--point of narrative reference.
But final approval of the measure is considered a long shot.
The personal computer isn't dead by a long shot, but its role as the primary platform for application development will soon be surpassed by network computing or e-business, said Paul Boulay, program director of marketing in IBM's Network Computer Division, Somers, N.
SAN JUAN, Costa Rica -- Despite a stunning victory in the Derby as a 50-1 long shot, Giacomo currently lists longer odds (6/1) from online sportsbook Bodog.
The last five bets I've placed using this in shops have seen me end up with four out of five using a tactic that involves backing four short prices and a long shot.
But it is a long shot because two or three teams are almost in the play-offs.
Long shot of footwear strewn on the road various shots of the injured protesters
For Valdez, who is a long shot to make the Dodgers' Opening Day roster but is out of minor-league options, spring training is as much about impressing scouts from other clubs as it is about impressing Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti and manager Grady Little.
Goal of the match was Dave Thomas' long shot from the halfway line to put the Dragons three goals up.
A long shot of the artist, walking alone within the idyllic frame of the landscape, alternates with close-ups of the helmets, weapons, mess kits, trenches, and crosses that can still be found in the woods.