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Not that I know anyone who actually wears long johns.
XXXXXL 3 Giant Fred's 6ft long johns HIGH FRED J Posing with an enthralled member of public
Victoria loves me in long johns,' he told the Daily Mirror.
She said yesterday: 'I'm on the lookout for some nice warm thermals - in particular, a good pair of long johns.
For example, a pair of long johns that retail for $45 to $50 are $30 here.
Santa Claus received a special personalized pair of long johns from the travelers (the message "Don't Open Till X-Mas" was printed on the rear end).
Over 20,000 pairs of long johns have already sold this year.
In the end the Man-in-Charge, who had been given some Rohan vouchers at Christmas, blew the whole lot on a pair of long johns and a long-sleeved granddad vest in pure merino wool at the outdoor shop in Leeds.
Lone yachtsman Bill Clegg can thank his will to survive for being alive this morning - that and his long johns.
While wife Victoria once let slip that her footballer husband loved to wear her knickers, it seems that the footie star is obviously getting on a bit because he's now more of a long johns man.
EASTENDERS' Little Mo walked down the aisle in her long johns yesterday.
Despite her silk gown and tiara, EastEnders' Little Mo is caught wearing long johns as she ties the knot with Billy Mitchell.
SUPERMARKET bosses are handing out free long johns and thermal underwear in a bid to help shivering staff beat the winter chill.
And the only way father and son could think of to save their lives was by setting fire to their woolly long johns to thaw out the fuel tanks.