long horse

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a gymnastic horse without pommels and with one end elongated

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She's like a thoroughbred in a long horse race, who wants to get out there and run fast the whole time,'' Gallien said.
The hero-narrator of this picaresque autobiography, Sweet William (also called Old Horse and Petrarch), encapsulates his long horse life in the opening paragraph of this equine saga of a thoroughbred who never quits: "Born to glory, brought low, given a proper name, pampered, loved and scorned, trained and raced, maligned and gelded, sold repeatedly, kicked and bitten and beaten and tormented by fellow beasts and callow men until at last we met, Master and I.
Before completing what has become known as "The Long Horse Ride", Mrs Lewis called in at the 2012 Olympics in London where she delivered a flag from the Chinese Equestrian Association which she'd carried all the way from China.
He's a very long horse who is quite difficult to wagon - Richard did a very good job.
The 61-year-old horsebreeder from Pumpsaint, Carmarthenshire, is in the midst of The Long Horse Ride - a four-year journey from Beijing to London.
The extent of the tragedy's suddenness emerged as spokesman Baker talked of the family's month- long horse riding holiday in the Californian sunshine.
She said: "I've always wanted to do a long horse ride like this but I've never had the opportunity before.
The long horse drive, from outside Plymouth to Wavertree, Liverpool, will be in memory of Sue's father, George, who died from lung cancer, aged 80, last November.
He'd been the last to be loaded, and, being such a long horse, he'd hit his head on the front of the gate as they opened.