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a gymnastic exercise involving a long leap from a vaulting horse

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By the time the inning finally ended, the Padres had loaded the bases with two singles and a walk and just missed taking the lead on a long fly ball by Adrian Gonzalez that barely went foul.
Just behind the centerfield fence is a brand new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and a long fly ball behind the right field fence and across the tracks is a riverside condo and townhouse development with units selling in the $300,000 range, in an area known for decades as "hobo jungle.
Professional baseball infielders must become highly skilled at going back on short pop flies since the outfielders have to play quite deep to protect against long fly balls in the outfield.
He carried this determination to the softball field, where he once slammed into a chain-link fence in quest of a long fly ball, landing in a heap.
If you disagree, then this book will seem like a long fly ball that lands just outside the foul pole: impressive, but no score.
For Nitto -- based in Cypress, just a long fly ball from Angels Stadium -- the Angels organization is a true community partner.
Haley Scola crushed a long fly ball to left field for a triple to put Worcester ahead, 2-0, as Timary Malley and Grace Mooshian scored.
To tie a long fly with Flash Blend, tie it Deceiver-style, with a long tail, and a collar to add bulk to the fly and keep the tail clear of the hook gap.
Former Oregon State star Ryan Ortiz entered the game as a pinch-hitter with two outs and hit a deep fly to left that went foul before he hit another long fly ball to center field that Jason Codiroli caught to end the game.
Manny is known for turning his effort on and off, for reasons known only to him, like the times he missed games with questionable injuries and failed to run out grounders and long fly balls.
Customers in New Mexico and Arizona or other places with a long fly season might need to replace the sheets every year, whereas in some other areas the sheets might last for three years.
While in the on-deck circle in a close game with a runner at third with one out, he saw Orlando Cepeda hit a long fly to left field.
The game ended when Matt Wieters drilled a long fly ball to right.
Long Fly Quiet Chairperson s Award for 2010 2011 by San Francisco International Airport (SFO).
The Wildcats (30-25, 13-14) then took the lead with two runs in the sixth inning when a long fly ball to left by Childs was misjudged by Raulinaitis and two runs scored on what was ruled a single.