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in limbs of vertebrate animals: a long cylindrical bone that contains marrow

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Erdheim-Chester disease is a systemic histiocytic disorder diagnosed on the basis of a characteristic pattern of symmetric intramedullary sclerosis of long bones.
Growth in long bones like the femur, tibia and humerus primarily occurs via two processes:
Long bone fractures caused by the pressure of soil were usually recorded near either of the bone ends, which we explained by biomechanical analysis.
A single tusk, two upper third molars (M3), a portion of the cranium, a complete scapula, several thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, a cervical vertebra, various complete and fragmented ribs, and fragments of the shaft and articular end of a long bone were recovered (NMMNH 27704).
He also provided a history of multiple previous long bone fractures over the course of the previous 4 years, including bilateral femur fractures, bilateral tibia fractures and a right humerus fracture.
The following study was designed to test the concept that a transverse pattern of screw insertion weakens a long bone more than an alternative pattern where the screws were not placed at the same level transversely.
All patients had severe non-union fractures of a long bone (3 tibia, 2 humeri, 1 clavicle), which had failed to heal in previous standard of care treatments.
A growing trend among traumatologists involves reducing long bone fractures using a mini fragment system designed for either the hand or foot.
Each long bone has at least two growth plates: one at each end.
Keywords: orthopedic plate and screw markets, the bioabsorbable fixation market, the intramedullary nail market, the cannulated screw market, the intramedullary hip screw market, the conventional hip screw market, the external fixation market, the long bone stimula
Contract award: delivery implants, equipment and intramedullary nailing for long bone fixation for the department of orthopedic surgery and trauma-orthopedic reconstructive hospital prague sp.
About Cyres Scientific Cyres Scientific is a Flowood, MS based medical device company that is focused on developing bone growth stimulator technologies for both spinal fusion and long bone applications.
X-rays revealed a broken ulna - a long bone in the forearm.
The contract is gradual delivery implants for fracture fixation implants for the fixationintramedullary within a long bone fixation przezskretarzowych implants, implants for fixationfractures of the distal radius, ulna and tibia head and implants forfixation of bone fractures fine with the availability of the necessary specialized contractingtools (instruments) to implant these products, metal implants tobone surgery (plates, screws, Kirschner wires and wire binding fragments) and materialsconsumables (electrodes, knives, cutters, cassettes and drains) owned by the contracting authority to setarthroscopic