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The "happy-to-be-near-you" type will lollygag along, tripping your every other step and will wind up about as useful at bird finding as a full-choke shotgun loaded with double-aught buckshot is at shooting them.
Brecht and Piscator, and lollygag with Gropius in a Bauhaus.
This is the kind of book someone writes when she wants to write about herself but can't because (1) she was brought up a girl and girls aren't supposed to be self-centered; (2) she was brought up in the working class, and working-class people are supposed to do real work, not lollygag about; and (3) she is an art historian.
The way Elks sees it, MTA managers who lollygag around the downtown Taj Mahal headquarters don't have an appreciation for the job because they've never driven a bus.
Some lollygag at the amphitheater listening to jazz, some wander by the arts and crafts booths and some first usher the kids through the petting zoo - but eventually they all get down to the real business of the 14th Annual Strawberry Festival - overindulging in Oxnard's best-loved berry.
In his later years pup might need another food that suits the needs of an older dog that mostly lollygags around, rather than hunting hard for several months each year.
This item's partially knitted owner lollygags around, reapplying his lipstick in a Mylar mirror like a feminist Olympia and enjoying himself and a nudie calendar--which seems to be open to Mr.
The nearby creek lollygags off round the next bend talking to itself.
He never lollygags," Bailey said yesterday during a conference call.