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Synonyms for lollipop

ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick

hard candy on a stick

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Taking away the lollipop lady here is an accident waiting to happen and then there will be regret from the council.
It's with the help of such friendly lollipop men and women that we managed to get my autistic/ ADHD child to walk to school.
Ten lollipop crossing patrols are set to be axed by Liverpool city council.
Hope they put some zebra crossings in at least, it's mayhem at St Christopher's since the lollipop lady went.
The Lollipop PC(TM) is a tracking device that connects with smartphones to create a preset safety perimeter that protects kids, pets, phone, keys, purse, bike or any other precious cargo.
Lollipop men and women joined union representatives, Labour MP Jack Dromey and road safety campaigner Avril Child in a united front at St Margaret Mary's RC Primary School in Erdington as the campaign was launched.
Detectives said the lollipop man has been too distressed to return to work.
Battery seems to be given priority in Android Lollipop.
Lollipop also introduces Android Runtime (ART) software to improve performance.
Local councillor Lindsey Hall admitted a lollipop lady "might spoil the snap" but she added: "It's a question of ensuring that traffic has been warned sufficiently, so people are safe and can get the picture.
BOTH big and small will love these lollipops from The Family Kitchen recipe book.
Lollipop fans have reported improved success in trying to abstain from smoking by using the long lasting Original Gourmet lollipops to stave off cravings for cigarettes, as well as for dieters looking to avoid fatty and other less desirable foods.
This continues Baker Perkins' policy of expanding lollipop end product possibilities; totally spherical and conventional ball plus flat and 3D products are also available.
However, deliberately passing on chickenpox is illegal, and doctors have cautioned parents that licking an apparently "infected" lollipop is unlikely to pass on chickenpox, because it is mostly an airborne virus.