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Synonyms for loll

Synonyms for loll

to take on or move with an awkward, slovenly posture


to hang limply, loosely, and carelessly

to sit or lie with the limbs spread out awkwardly

Synonyms for loll

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steeply forward, as if in disgrace, its door lolling sideways, unhinged.
the shoes whose tongues had tired of talking lolling to the sides like
The Chinese Crested Hairless dog, with pimples and lolling tongue, won Animal Planet's contest in 2009.
Dangling there in the bells of our bodies, lolling in this hellish
He'swants to find someone willing to spend their final hours lolling in an art gallery, while members of the public scrutinise their every nuance as they take their last breaths.
Cresting a peak is stronger balm than lolling in any garden.
With a delicious French accent, Guillem talked about her childhood, lolling on the floor and adjusting her body with jerky clockwork-doll motions until finally one hand arrived where she could rest her head on it.
WITH his hideous, lolling tongue and shocking white Mohican, poor Archie has the kind of wonky features that would make Dr Frankenstein shudder.
Five or six humpbacks were lolling in the waters near Eagle Reef, poking their heads out of the water - called a "spy hop" - and lifting their broad flukes out of the water, preparatory for deep dives into the channel.
Very posh in comparison to Perky, he spent his time lolling about dressed in smart clothes.
In the Drawing Room, for example, a fluorescent pink ribbon of a makeshift moat (mischievously interspersed with lolling clear-plastic marbles) casts a pale haze on the surrounding walls.
Left alone by his "people" once too often, Stanley loses his canine mind, first lolling on the forbidden sofa, then blasting the stereo and eating food from the fridge.
Then I saw these pictures of the supermodel and her pals lolling around on his yacht in the South of France.
Close your eyes and picture yourself lolling comfortably in a chaise lounge on fine, white sand, the crystal-clear, blue ocean gently lapping the shore just a few yards away.