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During the day they were everywhere, and at night, after an all day drinking session, they continued to loll around the town shouting, scrapping and spewing in the streets.
They turn from speed machines to docile couch potatoes who love to loll around and get fussed.
You can't just loll around like you would do at home.
I like the idea of someone coming home from work and putting on a toga and comfy trousers and just being able to loll around," she says.
But it seems far from the spirit of the piece to have its characters do likewise as they loll around smoking and drinking on tacky old sofas, greeting Orfeo's soul-baring with snorts of laughter ( the air heavy with the scent of schadenfreude at his doomed enterprise.
The work represents a singular departure from his usual style, here exemplified by two panoramic double-sided paintings in which Darger's heroines, the Vivians, loll around in gently fantastical, bright watercolor meadows.
s first-ever cage-free doggy destination, The Loved Dog(TM) features an indoor park with tunnel slides, thatched-roof cabanas for naps and a "Doggie Lounge" where passive canine guests can loll around and relax.
Eating is a leisurely affair, punctuated by retelling old stories and spinning new yarns, and a few of the cowboys loll around the haystacks--"nooning"--before loading cattle into trucks for market.
In case you think I loll around all day, reading quality proposals for articles, the following are brought to you exactly as I received them--with no sanitizing by HMT editors.