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Synonyms for loll

Synonyms for loll

to take on or move with an awkward, slovenly posture


to hang limply, loosely, and carelessly

to sit or lie with the limbs spread out awkwardly

Synonyms for loll

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Loll said: "Many of the children at Kurata and Spitler School come in daily without having eaten.
Loll argues that the fifty-two measures of a 1908 fragment of a string quintet in D minor display for the first time a balanced interplay of rhythmic, harmonic, and motivic variation that afforded the composer independence from inherited forms without altogether severing the relationship to tradition.
Loll is a serial entrepreneur who has over 20 years of high-tech experience spanning traditional hardware manufacturing and software development to contemporary Internet service technologies.
LOLL Middleton sent in this picture of trophy-winning players from Hill Farm Youth Club in 1952 with the Coventry Service of Youth's Harry Weston Shield.
CUMMINGS Loll The family of the late Loll wish to express their sincere thanks to all relatives, friends and neighbours for their kindness, sympathy and lovely cards and flowers.
Holmes and Watson came first, as if to promise that the show's mood would be set by the detective tale's calming pleasure in fatality, gentle mental challenge, and, in the case of Conan Doyle, its agreeable loll in Victoriana.
They turn from speed machines to docile couch potatoes who love to loll around and get fussed.
A piece of cake DROP in at designer store TOGA + Loll in Solihull's Drury Lane on September 11 to indulge in a tea party complete with cup cakes.
GENEROUS workers at a loll roll company have donated goods to hospital accommodation for families with poorly children.
Linda Bouchard's original score (including a child's voice) complements Nelson's spasmodic bursts of energy, as her dancers leapfrog, loll in a metaphoric sandbox, tease their pals and fall into bonding gambits of a pre-sexual nature.
Benefits are there to provide a safety net for those who need it through no fault of their own - not so whingers like Pat can loll about on their backsides.
Self-absorbed, the girls loll, slump, or lie around, trying out attitudes and positions.
CONTACT: Paul Laird of BP, 907-564-5404; Scott Loll of ARCO, 213-486-2562; or Les Rogers of Exxon, 713-656-4376/
Rukhsana, of Hall Green, Birmingham, knew she wanted something different - which is what she has set out to achieve with her store TOGA + Loll in Drury Lane, Solihull.