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any stoppage attributable to unusual activity

an immovable mass of logs blocking a river

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The UPA government and the Opposition reached an agreement for the passage of Finance Bill in Parliament sources said even as the logjam in both the Houses continued on Monday.
Now, honestly, the reason we have mentioned that is that there was a lot of talk six months ago about policy logjam and we want the country to realise that you know policy logjam have implications," he added.
This move prompted the BlackBerry maker to take steps to end the logjam by agreeing to provide technical solution on the issue of interception of its services.
As Breaking the Logjam observes, the pace of environmental gains in the United States thus bogged down in the 1990s.
Summary: President Michel Sleiman has participated in the breaking up of several mutually supporting logjams in and around Lebanon.
If, as the song in Casablanca goes, "a kiss is just a kiss," even if it's between two men, then Brokeback's river of greenbacks could wash away the logjam that's kept any number of gay-themed projects trapped in development hell.
Washington State constructed an engineered logjam to help safeguard a vital roadway from chronic flooding and at the same time improved fish habitat.
The logistical logjam could delay the production of hundreds of everyday products.
The Commission was able to make this latest decision because of a political logjam at the EU Council of Ministers over GM liberalisation.
There are no quick fixes, but this may help free the logjam.
To break the logjam, the university presidents will have to draw on the lessons they learned when they created the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.
Finally, the NHHN has demanded an emergency national housing summit be held for federal, provincial and territorial ministers to deal with two agenda items that include a specific plan to break the jurisdictional logjam to ensure that the committed housing dollars be distributed across the country, and a specific plan to "inject the additional dollars that are needed to meet the goal of the One Percent Solution.
In breaking the logjam, the new Brazilian president will meet, or fall short of, the enormous expectations surrounding his administration.
A: What broke the mental logjam was White House spokesman An Fleischer's reaction to Bill Maher's comment that suicide bombers were brave, not the cowards Bush had called them.