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a person skilled at symbolic logic

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The Logistician is responsible for the project cars as well as all other logistical management (flights, shipments, customs, etc.
The articles that follow show the capabilities of these different commands, as well as the challenges faced by the logisticians who support them.
These fixed costs become relevant to the logistician when alternatives to the current dining facility are being evaluated or there are budget cuts.
AoA assessments should anticipate the pending CDD Ownership Cost KSA specification range and baseline each viable alternative, specifically in terms of known legacy system O&S cost and affordability analyses that logisticians can help make available.
Logisticians supporting the warfighter know that every minute counts and that's why they are choosing to attend Defense Logistics 2004.
From this tragic event, logisticians can learn that incremental local deviation from rules--made over time by good people for good reason--can have dire consequences.
New DoD policy for supportability-related KPP/KSAs is not matched by direct logistician involvement in shaping those parameters, which has led to perfunctory decisions in setting RAM criteria ranges of threshold and objective performance target values.
Each year, as these awards are presented, I marvel at the ingenuity and focus that the Navy's Logisticians bring to the table," he explained.
Comparisons of Business Skills Mean score (a) Senior-level Entry-level Business skill logistician logistician t-value Supply chain mgmt 3.
Fletcher," said Whalen, "he envisions that the logistician should see things as the warfighter does.
This article highlights the critical role of the life cycle logistician in helping meet emerging warfighter needs within the rapid acquisition process.
To a logistician working for A-B, the move makes eminent sense.
This article is an attempt by one military logistician to derive relevant general lessons from history that might prove of some use in understanding how best to prepare for the future.
I have noticed after searching through several back issues of Army Logistician that a certain term has been incorrectly stated (or spelled out) on multiple occasions in your magazine.
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