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The company provides services in logistically difficult marine environments including wetlands, swamps, bayous, rivers, and other inland and near-shore bodies of water inaccessible to conventional drilling and excavation equipment.
They show our tremendous ability to meet the needs of the military and are part of the world's first high speed, high mobility and logistically compatible family of military vehicles.
These often remote and isolated villages provide a huge challenge logistically as many of the areas can only be approached by air or sea.
Webcasting, like the Internet, is growing in popularity because as a virtual communication tool, it far less expensive and often much more practical logistically than holding live conferences, seminars, or meetings in several different cities or countries simultaneously.
Would a logistically feasible vaccination program be a more effective control option?
He of course points to numerous instances in which Protestant troops claim victory over their numerically and logistically superior adversary in battle, inviting readers to conclude this was due to divine intervention.
Worship planners find the act a messy and logistically complicated one as they determine what the pastor and parishioner should sit on, how the ritual should be performed, and how to keep people from slipping on the wet chancel area afterwards.
Logistically, Trolley Dances requires meticulous timing.
Memphis reassembles his old crew and attempts to pull off the logistically impossible.
It doesn't have to be that way, especially with today's technologies making mass customization possible both economically and logistically.
Before, women were advised to avoid breastfeeding after intense workouts making it logistically very difficult to time a quality workout around breastfeeding schedules.
We're very excited about working in Baltimore--it's close to us and will certainly be logistically easier--and it's also an airline hub," says Krebs.
Butterfly, which doesn't count as a Canadian film, was just as expensive and much more difficult logistically because we were shooting in China, Budapest, Paris and Toronto.
The logistically complex study--which requires large towers for pumping the CO2 into the foliage--is the first to examine how mature trees in a forest will respond to air enriched with the gas.
As was the case with the Walgreens acquisition of Medi Mart, CVS struggled both logistically and culturally to integrate the two drug chains.
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