logistic assistance

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Despite the creation of the TLSA as a coordination framework, for instance, G8 donors have largely continued to provide logistic assistance bilaterally and in the context of specific mission deployments.
He was given material and logistic assistance from people who shared his beliefs and objectives," Khalid Al Shayea, the secretary general of the International Organisation for defending the Prophet, said.
During Afghan NIU operations, the SOTG primarily provides cordon security, logistic assistance, medical assets and other specialist capabilities.
Logistic assistance to be provided for Gadhafi's soldiers was hampered thanks to this siege, Harudu also said.
Neither any base or facility inside Pakistan was used by the US Forces, nor Pakistan Army provided any operational or logistic assistance to these operations conducted by the US Forces.
Administration has proven that it will side with oppressive regimes and tyrannous authorities via providing material and spiritual support and any necessary logistic assistance.
The ministry also offers financial and logistic assistance to societies that help the people in various ways.
Or phone the TACOM Logistic Assistance Division Office at DSN 256-4242 or (508) 233-4242.
The passing of the law and subsequent dispatch of warships to provide logistic assistance to air strikes on Afghanistan was the centerpiece of a major restructuring of Japanese strategy, Jinan Army Academy Prof.
Memorialized now as Parker Hall, the facility is home to the 3d MP Group, CID Battalion; the 86th MP Detachment (CID); Company B, 308th Military Intelligence Battalion; and the Army Material Command's Logistic Assistance Office.
Japan should promptly resolve the problem caused by its passage of bills through the Diet in May legitimizing Japanese logistic assistance to U.
The Israeli support is not limited to hospitalization as it has amounted to providing direct military and logistic assistance to terrorist organizations operating in Daraa and Qunaitera provinces in southern Syria, including Jabhat al-Nusra, in a clear violation of the Security Council resolutions on fighting terrorism and the Agreement on Disengagement.
In another connection, Emir of Qatar voiced conviction that Tunisia is a model to be followed in the Arab region, in matters of conciliation between Islam and democracy, asserting his country's disposal to provide to Tunisia the necessary logistic assistance in matters of fight against terrorism.
The company provides technical and logistic assistance on a daily basis, and offers customer-base located parts, and management of assets, on-wing support, schemes for improving products, C-Check support and management of nacelle fleet.
22 (SUNA)- The Government of North Darfur, has lauded the efforts done by the UN and African Mission for Darfur (UNAMID) for helping the citizens who were affected by the recent incidents in Saraf Umra, especially the logistic assistance that UNAMID extended to the affected persons.