logical diagram

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a graphical representation of a program using formal logic

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The first part of logical diagram conceive for alarm and warning functions calculate the location of detectors based on the distance of the detection and display graphics (symbolic) their location in the surveillance areas.
The second part of logical diagram design for surveillance and control functions, allows the calculation of video cameras location take in consideration the distance of the detection and display graphics (symbolic) location of these video cameras in the surveillance areas.
The logical diagram represents the lifecycle of a parcel from start to finish [Figure 2].
Figure 3 shows a tabbed interface where each tab corresponds to the phases in the logical diagram.
In order to obtain such a program from a logical diagram, the following algorithm can be used (Web & Reis, 2002):
Every step of the logical diagram is associated with a Boolean variable (practically with a bit).
The methodology follows the logical diagram presented in figure 4.
Figure 1 shows the general logical diagram of the interactive measurement.
VIA Development creates software to automate the process of generating wiring and other logical diagrams of machinery systems built upon AutoCAD(R) based software, the tool of choice for many controls engineers.