logic bomb

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a set of instructions inserted into a program that are designed to execute (or 'explode') if a particular condition is satisfied


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Twenty years later, the scale of information gathering, computing power, and the size of networks have reached major proportions, and even old-fashioned methods like man-in-the-middle attacks, viruses, worms, keystroke trackers, and logic bombs have proportionately increased in power.
In the same way that saboteurs might plant bombs to blow up a critical bridge, well-placed logic bombs in the nation's power grid and communication hubs can make resisting a kinetic attack nearly impossible.
A logic bomb is similar to a time bomb, except it is activated by the appearance or disappearance of particular data.
On Christmas Day 1998, the logic bomb part of this virus will become active, wreaking havoc upon the entire planet's networks,'' the message warned.
Federal agents arrested a former General Dynamics computer programmer accused of plotting to plant a logic bomb program to destroy critical data on the billion-dollar Atlas Missile Program.
High profile insider breach incidents, such as the arrest of a former Federal Reserve Bank of New York IT employee accused of identity theft, and the rogue Fannie Mae employee who allegedly implanted a logic bomb on the company's network, highlight increasing security vulnerabilities in the public sector.
Stuxnet is, in part, a sophisticated logic bomb, or a specific type of malware that kicks into high-gear when specified conditions are met.
On Christmas Day, 1998, the logic bomb part of this `virus' will become active, wreaking havoc upon the entire planet's networks.
An alert computer security officer, aided by automated audits and alarm systems, detected and defused Harry's logic bomb.
This type is often called a time bomb or logic bomb.