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very large carnivorous sea turtle

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org/details/3897/0) classifies loggerhead turtles as vulnerable, which is one step below endangered.
Environment Minister Steven Miles said the female loggerhead, known by her satellite tag QA57223, has made the longest recorded journey for a loggerhead turtle nesting in eastern Australia using satellite telemetry.
Acollaboration effort with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) resulted in the satellite tagging of seven adult female loggerhead turtles on Masirah Island in May 2016.
The loggerhead turtle weighted about 30 kg and was safely retrieved on board the fishing vessel AlSaquib Farman.
The UNDP's Socotra Governance and Biodiversity campaign describes Socotra as one of the most important nesting sites of loggerhead turtles in the region.
40) This culminated in Loggerhead Turtle, a 1998 Eleventh
Ditto David Attenborough, who has provided all the second-hand experiences of wildlife encounters we could ever want without the need to get up close and personal with a loggerhead turtle in the Mediterranean.
The study focused on a globally important loggerhead turtle rookery on the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic but its results also apply to species elsewhere, including the Pacific.
The vast majority of their lives is spent roaming the oceans travelling mind-boggling distances, up to 10,000 km between breeding and feeding grounds in the case of the Loggerhead Turtle.
It meets many different animals along the way, from the water strider to the loggerhead turtle, and each animal teaches the water bottle about itself, its origins, its journey and those of other pollutants in the watershed.
She's already experienced many unique opportunities, such as feeding a loggerhead turtle, feeding black-tip reef sharks and even diving and snorkeling with piranhas and an electric eel.
Conservation implications of complex population structure: lessons from the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta).
The loggerhead turtle is considered an endangered species and is categorised under the red list by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Hussein Shehadeh The Sultanate has some of the most important sea turtle nesting beaches in the world, and in the case of the loggerhead turtle, probably the most important.
Loggerhead turtle by-catch depends on distance to the coast, independent of fishing effort: implications for conservation and fisheries management.