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balcony consisting of the forward section of a theater mezzanine

private area in a theater or grandstand where a small group can watch the performance

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Lund Combustion Engineering, LOGE AB, is a Swedish consultancy and software development company.
It is true that today's audiences will probably regard Renoir's female subject in La Loge as 'unproblematically pretty', but House tells us that contemporaneous reviews found her presence ambiguous and potentially troubling.
The Loge Suites, which sold for $40,000 apiece for the 2006-2007 NHL hockey season, created a revenue generator above and beyond regular seating.
We are looking to buy as much (land) as we can,'' said Loge, adding that it will depend largely on the value of the land at the time of purchase.
The offending image, Loge said, will be removed before the ads are run again.
The rebuilt ballpark also will have Club MVP (approximately 1,600 seats) and Club Loge (approximately 1,900) premium seats.
The new Marcus megaplexes will feature popular new stadium-style seating, high-back loge seats with padded cupholder arms, oversized love seats and 42-inch-deep seat spacing.
The big auction, nearly a year to the day that the Garden gave way to the FleetCenter, will include such items as Red Auerbach's loge seat (smoking allowed), the huge scoreboard suspended from the rafters and the organ.
Address : Mairie, 2 Grande Rue 78350 LES LOGES EN JOSAS
Notebook has teamed up with Eurostar to give away a two-night bed & breakfast stay at Cour Des Loges for two people with return Eurostar travel from the heart of London to Lyon.
Sourds aux propheties apocalyptiques de Pyongyang, les touristes continuent d'affluer le long de la frontiere intercoreenne, dernier "mur" de la Guerre Froide herisse de miradors: certains meme se rejouissent d'etre aux premieres loges.
Steve Loges, project manager with the city's facilities division, said the lobby is illuminated by fluorescent lights that are attached to the ceiling beams high above the lobby floor.
His new responsibilities entail overseeing the development of the next major version of Loges for Mac.
Jon Bruschke and William Loges have produced a highly readable, thought-provoking look at research on the issue of pre-trial publicity and its potential influence on a trial's outcome.
The system also automatically moves teachers' web pages when they're transferred to other schools and updates their Web site with the new schools' loges and other key details.