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a book in which the log is written

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The mySugr Logbook is a popular smartphone application that helps people with diabetes improve self-management through elements of gamification, well-crafted design, and immediate feedback through a personalized diabetes monitor.
The Transas Electronic Logbook (e-Logbook) is designed to replace traditional paper logbook and to record all data in full detail with a minimum input from a user.
Within the logbook, an inspector's report from June 30, 1893, shows illness was a serious problem, as were finances.
John's problem is really common and highlights the one check that he did not do - a full HPI check which would have revealed this logbook loan secured against the Mini.
This means the logbook loan company should be lenient with you when something like this happens.
The reliable and easy to interpret logbook, direct from the meter memory will enable the healthcare professional to give vital advice to people with diabetes, wherever and whenever the need arises.
Logbooks of procedures may be complemented by case reports that are structured so as to contain a reflective element
In 20 years, I've never seen a captain's logbook of this quality and calibre.
Most notably, the latest version includes a significant upgrade to the Reveal Logbook feature, which allows fleet-based businesses to remove the manual step from hours-of-service paper processing.
The charity said one in five people who reported a problem to it about logbook loans ended up having their car repossessed - despite not being the one who borrowed the money.
The Financial Conduct Authority says it's getting tough on logbook lenders after finding evidence of poor practice.
Logbook loans are promoted as a fast and easy way to borrow money without going through a credit check.
In 2013, the maritime authority initiated a Cruise Logbook for floating restaurants in Dubai to document and organise all their maritime operations.
The cruise logbook is a standardised record book that urges floating restaurant businesses in Dubai to record all their vessel operations for later use as a unified source of documented information.
But it's also critical you keep both your Shadow's TMs and unmanned aircraft systems-initiative (UAS-1) logbook current.